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Expanding Erbil Nightlife


Erbil Nightlife Colored by Chopin Bar

Once a quiet scene, Erbil nightlife has gotten increasingly “noisier” in recent years. Nightlife in Erbil has been expanding and modernizing very quickly. Dozens of new bars, nightclubs, and posh restaurants with international cuisine have opened their doors in the past few years causing some to call Erbil “the other Iraq” or “Iraq’s Dubai.”

A couple such examples of Erbil’s nightlife expansion are the bars and hot spots at the Divan Erbil Hotel. The Divan Erbil Hotel has stunning and luxurious accommodations and is located just minutes from the Erbil International Airport and The Citadel. The Divan Erbil Hotel offers several fabulous bars and restaurants. One such fabulous spot to have a drink is at the Chopin Piano Bar. The art deco décor inside creates an upscale but inviting ambiance. A beautiful grand piano sits on a stage with seating curving around it allowing the piano and music to take center stage. Not only is the piano striking on the stage, the views of gardens and water fountains outside are mesmerizing. Visitors can have a drink at the Chopin Bar or enjoy its carefully crafted menu. The Chopin Bar serves delicious bites for lunch or an afternoon snack. Think sandwiches and handcrafted burgers. Favorite menu items for guests are the Filet-Mignon Burger and the Grilled Vegetable Panini. The Chopin Bar also offers an array of signature salads. For drinks, patrons can enjoy specialty cocktails, carefully selected teas, premium aged Whisky, freshly brewed coffee, or libations well into the night. The Chopin Bar also offers imported cigars for those who like to enjoy a smoke.

The Chopin Bar is a place that not only hotel guests love, but it’s a favorite for Erbilites. Locals and guests often meet for a light dinner or drink. The music and ambiance is jazz-themed, which gives the bar a very “cool” and relaxed feel. Guests can sit on one of the plush purple sofas or chairs and choose from a wide variety of imported liquors.

A little taste of Erbil music can be heard at the Chopin Bar. The bands are so good that some guests come just for the music. For those who want it all there is nothing like listening to live music while you enjoy great cocktails and conversation with your friends and loved ones. For those who are looking for Erbil entertainment, the Chopin Bar is an excellent choice.

The Chopin Bar is open from 11:00 am – 1:00 am. To reach the bar call +964 66 210 5000 or email

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