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Invest in Erbil, Kurdistan. Iraq. Be in the future now!

No matter how you write it, spell it, or pronounce it, there is definitely something about Erbil (Arbil, Irbil, Hawler).  Erbilia Online Magazine has determined to unveil the secrets behind Erbil’s charm. More and more investors are being attracted to this great historic city, making it the one and only, fastest growing business capital; in other words, a real magnet for investors.

When you are looking for investment opportunities in Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, there are plenty of options to explore, like energy industry, oil industry, construction industry, media, real estate, etc. It is one of the fastest growing metropolis cities in the region where investments are pouring in from every corner of the globe.

If you want to earn good returns on your investment, you have to get in on the ground floor. Once the development reaches a certain stage, your return on investment (ROI) will be significantly lesser than what you have invested at initial stages.


Media around the world is getting curious about this exquisite city. Some have named it the Shangai of the 1990s or even the Dubai of 1980s. Construction, like many other areas if investments, is taking a rise. Many hotels and resorts are mushrooming every day. Many world famous retail shopping giants are lining up to set up shop. Carrefour is building its retail store and is expected to begin operations soon. Now is the time to invest in Erbil, according to financial gurus like the Invest In Group (IIG).

To prepare a comprehensive investment guide for its foreign investors, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has tied up with the reputed IIG to conduct a survey and publish the best investment options and the means to do so. The IIG operates out of Washington D.C. and Istanbul. So it has a foothold in both sides; where the investors are and the place they are looking to invest in; it is due soon and should be a reliable guide for anyone looking to invest in Erbil in Iraq.

The Associates For International Research, Inc. has also conducted a survey on the investment options in this region and published them. They have issued detailed news about the living conditions, security, transport, shopping etc. to help the expats looking to move to Erbil.

We will be publishing more and more reports, interviews and articles on investment news in Erbil, to shed more light on this booming part of the world.

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