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Major Websites for the Latest Erbil News

As the Kurdistan Region keeps playing an important political and economic role in Iraq, its capital, Erbil, has become the hub for decision-making as well as objective information that is based on facts and the freedom of speech and expression. Erbil news sources, especially the online ones, provide the Kurds, Iraqis, expatriates living in the country, and the international readership with trustworthy news about what is going on in Erbil, Kurdistan and the surrounding areas.

On the other hand, some of these websites don’t have political news, but they have very useful information for locals, expatriates, tourists, and visitors to Erbil or other cities in Kurdistan.

Let us start with them:

  • Erbil Government Website ( – From the history and geography of this ancient city to information about the local money and prices of different products, this is a site to inform you about practical things in the Kurdish capital. Here, you will also be able to find about prayer times and the phone numbers of Ministries and Government Offices in case you need to contact them.
  • Kurdistan Tour Net ( – This is the official site of the Kurdish Board of Tourism and provides useful information not only about the city of Erbil, but also about the other two Kurdistan Governorates, Duhok and Sulaymaniyah. A very useful site for travelers.
  • Erbilia Online Magazine ( – The most comprehensive Erbil Guide for everyone living in the city or wants to visit it. From posting or finding a job, to finding useful information about Erbil companies and from arranging a fabulous evening out to getting all the information about gyms and spas in the city, this online magazine can provide you with all the details. What you cannot find in other Erbil sites is the useful information about shopping for all kinds of things, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, parks and other interesting places to spend your free time.

Now, let us have a look at some of the online sources where you can find the latest political Erbil news and Iraqi news in the English language.

  • BasNews ( – It provides news on the latest political developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in the English, Kurdish, German, Turkish, and Arab languages. Here you can read about the latest decisions of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) concerning political, economic, and social matters. You can also find out about economic developments, petrol and gas exports from the Kurdistan Region, signing of new trading contracts with neighboring countries, along with some news concerning culture, art, and everyday life.
  • IraqiNews ( – Learn all the latest political and business-related Erbil news and news from all over Iraq in general. For those interested to know in detail about the latest political affairs, visits of influential people in the area, agreements of the KRG with the Central Iraqi Government and governments abroad, this is a very informative website.
  • Rudaw Media Network ( – Just like the 2 sites mentioned above, Rudaw has all the political and business news from Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Middle East. Rudaw also offers news on local art and culture, interviews with important political and business personalities as well as world news of interest to the Kurds.

Summary: Find out about the best and most informative online sources for Erbil news, as well as Kurdistan and Iraqi news. These websites are also written in the English language for foreigners to be able to read. Websites are divided into two categories: the ones providing the latest political and economic news and those that provide information about everyday activities, such as shopping, entertainment and traveling around.