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Maya Diab’s #myMAYA Pre Launch Event

Press Release

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June 30, 2015 – Celebrity star Maya Diab celebrated the pre launch of her new album #myMAYA at the “Eau De Vie” Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The presence was mainly a selective bouquet of Maya’s close friends, distinguished personalities, and the press. The night started by side interviews with Maya, where the press had the chance to inquire about her special album #myMAYA, her future plans and other details. A very special Souhour followed and all the album songs were displayed on a big screen with shots from the video clip playing. The audience had the chance to comment on each and every song via a comments card distributed to each and every person attending. Everyone jotted down remarks and Maya’s management at the end of the evening collected the cards, in order to take into consideration their thoughts.

The music scene will sure be on a date with a lot of creativity and excellence. Maya Diab, as usual with that stunning elegant and enchanting beauty, coupled with overflowing femininity and vitality, will rock the art scene in general and the music scene in specific with her new #myMAYA album.

To name a few of the presence that attended the event: Former Health Minister Dr. Mohammad Jawad Khalife and his wife, Maya’s Ms. Grace Diab, Mr. Edmond Sweidy (Big Idea Branding & Advertising Agency), composer Samir Sfeir and his wife Mary, director Angie Jammal and her husband, photographer Fares Jammal, producer and media figure Mr. Khalid Agha (Music Nation), Mr. Ghassan Chartouni (Music Is My Life), Ms. Patricia Hachem (Bisara7a), Fadwa Rifai (Nadine Magazine), Mr. Hadi Charara and his brother Mr. Ghadi Charara, Mr. Eddie Gahnem (Wael Kfoury’s Manager), Dr. Jamal Fayad, Mr. Karim Abi Yaghi (Artist House) and his brother Mr. Amin Abi Yaghi (Star System), poet Mr. Ahmed Madi, Ms. Zalfa Ramadan, Mr. Milad Hadchiti and many others.