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Maysoun Restaurant Erbil


Maysoun Restaurant and Café in Erbil

Lebanese and International Cuisine

Maysoun Restaurant Cafe Erbil Kurdistan panoramaA few weeks ago, the talented Erbilia photographer Mustafa Adil had a thoroughly enjoyable photo shooting session at Maysoun – one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Erbil, Kurdistan. Maysoun is both an attractive café and a modern restaurant that serves a large variety of authentic Lebanese dishes in its inviting elegant surroundings.


Family Mall Erbil Kurdistan IraqLocated on the second floor of the popular Family Mall in 100m Street, Erbil Maysoun is the fourth of a chain of restaurants in the Middle East. The other three are located in Kaslik, Batroun and Achrafieh in Lebanon and they have become a pole of attraction for locals and international visitors for their high standards of service, quality and freshness of ingredients and authenticity of dishes.

Even though in their majority Erbil restaurants and Kurdistan restaurants offer a great variety of local and international cuisine, Maysoun customers are able to enjoy all the legendary Lebanese gourmet dishes in a spacious, elegant, and relaxing atmosphere.

Maysoun is not just a restaurant. It is a modern all-day Erbil café which attracts groups of friends who want to enjoy a unique coffee experience as well as families who want to have a light, nutritious meal after doing their shopping in the Family Mall or spending a day out at the Family Fun with their children.

Lebanese Cuisine

Maysoun restaurant Erbil cafe Kurdistan IraqModern Lebanese cuisine combines the freshness and aromas of the Mediterranean cuisine and the spicy tastes of the East, while it also reflects the characteristic eating culture of the country. Dishes are mainly based on fresh vegetables, fish, poultry, and lamb which get their distinctive taste from a wide range of spices, herbs and olive oil.

In Maysoun, just like other Lebanese restaurants in Erbil, Kurdistan or restaurants in other Middle Eastern countries, customers are served a typical Mezze course which consists of an array of small hot and cold dishes that have made the Lebanese cuisine so attractive to people of other cultures. The expert chefs of this Erbil café and restaurant create most of the traditional Lebanese dishes and present them in such an artistic way as to please both the eye and the palate, thus turning every meal into a real feast.

For a complete Lebanese experience order Fattouch, Tabbouleh, Hommos, Soujouk,Vine Leaves and Ras Asfour, but don’tlebanese restauramt erbil kurdistan iraq forget the world-famous Lebanese pita bread that comes to you hot straight from the oven and the Arak – the famous Lebanese distilled alcoholic beverage.

International Cuisine

Maysoun is one of the few Erbil restaurants or Kurdistan restaurants that combine Lebanese and international cuisine so successfully. From Italian pasta, such as Tagliatelle Carbonara, and a variety of pizzas, to Greek salad and French Cordon Bleu beef, and from Mexican Fajitas to classical American sandwiches and burgers, this modern Erbil coffee shop and restaurant can cover all tastes and preferences.

When to Go

Maysoun offers the best atmosphere for your breakfast before going to work or college, for a quick bite at lunch break, a cup of coffee or tea with your friend in the afternoon or a drink in the evening. The place is open all day long and whatever you choose to eat or drink will definitely be a great experience.

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