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Erbil Marjan Al-Bahr Travel, Tourism and Aviation Agency

Erbil, the flourishing metropolis of the autonomous Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq, is the fastest developing city in the Middle East. With thousands of foreign visitors who come to Erbil for business, a large number of expats who are attracted to the city by excellent job opportunities and with numerous tourists both from the South of Iraq and from the neighboring Iran, Erbil has become a major travel destination.

A Trustworthy Travel Agency in Erbil

Whether you want to visit Erbil, travel in other places in Iraq, or leave the city after your stay here, Merjan Al-Bahr Erbil Travel Agency is here to help you.

The Travel Agency belongs to the Marjan Group of Companies and was first established in Turkey in 1985, opened its Iraq head-office in Baghdad in 1995 but moved it to Erbil in Kurdistan in 2004.

The Marjan Group of companies was established in 2000 and specializes in different sectors, such as Travel and Tourism, Aviation, Real Estate, Fashion, General Trading and several more. Under the leadership of its owner and CEO Mr Handreen AL-Ozery, the group has established itself not only in the Kurdistan region, but also in most parts of Iraq as well as abroad.

Marjan Al-Bahr Services

The agency can arrange all kinds of outgoing or incoming travel arrangements for groups, as well as individuals. You can:

  • Book tickets for flights to all destinations in Iraq, Kurdistan and abroad
  • Book best hotel accommodation in Kurdistan, Iraq and most destinations abroad
  • Arrange VIP travel services throughout your trip or ask details about hiring a private jet
  • Arrange guided tours, excursions, and sightseeing tours in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq and many destinations abroad
  • Arrange transfer services from the airports of Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymanieh
  • Organize your incentive tours and congresses in the Kurdistan region, Iraq, and several cities worldwide.

In 2008, the Marjan Travel Agency expanded its business to the aviation sector after obtaining the “IATA” license in Turkey. Today Marjan Aviation is the Al Arabia Agent and it cooperates with all major airlines that operate in Iraq and Kurdistan.

The firm has also obtained several Certificates of Appreciation from the Government of Iraq and from many government firms in recognition of its excellent services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Book a Private Jet

Marjan Aviation services include the hiring of private jets for those who want to fly away either to be on time for a crucial meeting, or just spend the weekend at a luxury resort after a hectic week.

There are two private jet options: The Learjet 60 XR which is the fastest in its category and can accommodate up to six people and the Global 6000 which can be the ultimate choice for the demanding business traveler. It can accommodate up to 19 people.

Hajj Pilgrimage

Sandi – a branch of the Marjan Travel Company specializes in organizing pilgrimages to the Holy Cities of Mecca (Makkah) and Medina (Madinah) during the Hajj period.

Meticulous planning of all trips to the Holy Cities offers the convenience and the peace of mind such trips require.

The Marjan Al-Bahr Travel Agency is located in 100m Street in Erbil, at the Qaser Tourism Complexes, or you can visit their website on:


The Marjan Al-Bahr Travel, Tourism and Aviation Agency is one of the best travel agencies you can find in Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The agency offers all kinds of services, from the booking of air tickets and hotel accommodation to the hiring of private jets and arranging pilgrimages. It is located in 100m Street at the Qaser Tourism Complexes in Erbil.


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