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Moka & More

Moka & More Erbil Coffee Shop

By Heidi A, for Erbilia Online Magzine
November 22, 2014 — Updated 13:00 GMT+2

Moka & More is a franchise chain of Cafés that were created with a vision of spreading the coffee passion and culture throughout the Middle East, certain African countries, and internationally. They also aim to offer their customers the chance to know what top quality coffee is and make coffee drinking a way of socializing and enjoying the company of friends and family in the most welcoming atmosphere.

The new Moka & More Erbil Coffee Shop opened its doors before Christmas in 2013 and it is located in one of the newest and most upscale parts of the city, in 100 Meter Street just opposite the Italian Village.

Quality That Keeps Spreading

The Moka & More concept materialized with the opening of the first outlet in the City Mall in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, in 2006. That first coffee shop was a small place with a capacity of hosting only 25 people, but it soon became so successful that 5 more outlets opened in the center of Beirut, mainly inside large shopping malls.

Today, thousands of customers in 22 Moka & More coffee shops (independent stores, mall outlets or coffee booths) in 7 different countries have associated the brand with a trendy, relaxing environment, fast, polite and friendly service, and above all a great coffee experience created by the highly trained staff, Italy’s finest Kimbo Espresso coffee, and several state-of-the-art coffee machines.

You will be able to find Moka & More outlets in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Sudan, and Georgia. Apart from the Erbil coffee shop, a new Moka & More outlet will soon open in Sulaymaniyah, the second largest city in the Kurdistan Region.

More than a Coffee Shop

As its name suggests, Moka & More is not just about coffee – it’s a lot more than that. Just like all of their outlets, the Erbil store offers a unique variety of sweet and savory snacks, refreshing juices, healthy smoothies, as well as chocolate-based hot and cold beverages of the highest quality in the relaxing, friendly atmosphere of the coffee shop.

In the morning, have your favorite breakfast coffee with a freshly-baked chocolate croissant, a bagel with three cheeses, or smoked turkey and mozzarella tramezzino if you really feel hungry.

At lunch or dinner time, Moka & More prepares fantastic burgers and sandwiches of all kinds. Try the homemade beef burger, the eagle seigle with ham, egg, tomato and Swiss cheese in rye bread, or, for fish lovers, the ocean trio with smoked salmon, tuna and crab in ciabatta bread. Salads are also great here. The Chef’s and Caesar’s salads are probably the most popular, while the Greek salad is the most refreshing on hot summer days.

Coffee and Desserts

Whatever the time of the day, Moka & More is the place to relax, surf the Internet, read a book, work on a project or have a long chat with a friend over your favorite espresso-based coffee, a hot cup of chocolate, or a lush milkshake. You can always accompany your coffee with a hearty slice of cake, a strawberry tart, or the famous Oreo cheese cake.

Finally, always remember that you can hold your birthday party in the beautiful setting of the Moka & More Erbil coffee shop and have an event that your friends and family will remember for long.

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