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Monza Bar & Lounge


International Ambiance at a Local Bar, Monza in Halwer

Monza, or “Empire” as some locals call it after the company that runs the complex, is a bar and lounge located on the first floor of the Erbil Speed Center. It has a relaxing and modern feel, just like any great lounge and bar. It’s the only place in town that you can enjoy a fabulous cocktail and a slice of delicious pizza. Some call Monza’s pizza the best in town. In addition to the appetizing food and drinks, you can enjoy some great shisha at Monza. There are three sections or areas of Monza. The first is a restaurant where you can enjoy delectable dishes such as the aforementioned pizza and cocktails. The second area at Monza is the shisha lounge, which is pretty self-explanatory except for the fact that Monza is famous for their high-quality shisha. The third and final section of Monza is the bar with a private VIP section. You can enjoy upgraded service and great drinks in the VIP area. On top of all this, Monza is the only place where it’s acceptable to “drive under the influence.” Monza is even better known for the Erbil Speed Center in where it resides. Erbil Speed Center is one of the finest go-kart tracks and arenas in the Middle East.

monza erbil nightlife iraq kurdistanThe ambiance at Monza is not only relaxing, but it is international. The crowd is made up of expatriates, mostly Europeans, Americans, and locals. As Mojaddidi puts it, they “try to keep the environment international, which also includes a lot of socializing between the different nationalities visiting.” As so many people move into Erbil from different countries, the atmosphere at Monza is reflective of the modern Erbil culture.

Monza is one of the most popular places to go for those wanting to see what Erbil nightlife is like. It is unique because it is not only considered a nightlife hotspot, but it is considered an Erbil entertainment venue as well since it is located in the Erbil Speed Center.

Monza is located on the first floor at the Erbil Speed Center near 100M Road, opposite the Dream City complex. The phone number for Monza is 07503315331. Monza is open from 10:00 am – 1:00 am.

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