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Erbil New Year 2014

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Royal Mall Erbil kurdistan
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Erbil Christmas & New Year Celebrations

Having been named as the 2014 Arab Capital of Tourism, this year’s celebrations had a special taste when it came to fireworks, shopping offers and events, etc… Seems like the title

The major Erbil shopping malls that had very interesting events on Christmas and New Year’s eves were:

Family Mall Erbil

Royal Mall Erbil

Majidi Mall

A huge crowd flocked at Shanadar Park at New Year’s Eve to watch several singers and performance while the clock ticked towards twelve midnight. the famous Iraqi singer Dali sang her best songs and lightened up the hearts of the audiences who swayed smoothly until late morning hours.

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Wishing our Erbil a year full of life, continuous peace and prosperity. God bless our Kurdistan.