Erbil Nightlife and things to do in Erbil Kurdistan
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Nights Are Young



New Bars and Nightclubs add to Erbil Nightlife Glamour

Nightlife in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq is still young but promising. Expats from around the globe, as well as young locals go out every night specially on weekends, making the nightlife scene become more active. Bars, nightclubs, international restaurants and coffee shops are on the rise in prosperous Kurdistan Region, specifically erbil.

Dozens of new bars, nightclubs, and posh restaurants with international cuisine opened their doors in the regional capital of Erbil. The city has no less than 60 liquor stores as of today. Places with catchy names such as Monza, Deutsche Hof, T-Bar, Beirut Pub, Marina, and Tarin are one of the most popular late-night spots in the transforming city of around 2 million inhabitants, with many other outlets to follow soon.

A major aspect of the city’s growing nightlife is the increase of foreign business people from USA, UK, and Europe, a few from neighboring countries, and Iraqi businessmen coming from Baghdad and Southern Iraq.

Meanwhile, many new five-star hotels and resorts, currently under construction, will open in the city in the near future. Globally renowned hoteliers coming to the region include Kempinski, Rotana, Millennium, Le Royal, and Starwood. They included many bars, nightclubs, and high-end restaurants in their plans, thus further adding to entertainment in the area. There are also plans to open expat-only nightclubs and discotheques, but further details about the opening of these establishments are unknown as of now.

More Erbil nightlife news and reviews will be posted soon on Erbilia Online Magaizne.