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The Perfect Corporate Gifts


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What about Something Different?

Corporate gifts can be one of the most effective ways to let your customers, clients or business associates know that you appreciate and value your cooperation. It is a great way to promote your business, show your gratitude to long-standing customers, attract new ones, and reward your staff or the people who work for you.

While New Year seems to be the ideal time for corporate presents, they are also well-appreciated at the opening of a store or business, when your company launches new products or services, at the anniversary of the establishment of your business, at the completion of a major project, to greet new customers and reward those who referred them to you, and on several other occasions.


Make a Lasting Impression

Be more inventive than giving the standard calendars, business card holders, photo frames, desk clocks, or cookies. Make your customers feel they deserve something a lot more elegant and let them experience something new. And you don’t need to pay a fortune to make your customers feel valued.

So, here is our suggestion:

Natural, Fragrant, Healthy

Exceptional organic and natural soaps made from pure olive oil, laurel and essential oils without the addition of artificial perfumes or colorings. They are made by Live Olive, a Syria-based company where there is a long tradition in the soap-making business. All products come in beautiful wooden or mosaic gift boxes of different sizes. They can be beautifully decorated and fully customized with your message and firm’s logo on them, while you can make a lot of different product combinations for your gifts.

Let us have a look at the products:

  • Traditional Aleppo Soap – also known as “Pasha Soap” “ghar soap” or the “green gold soap” as it is made from pure olive oil and laurel oil. It is the only soap that can float on the water as it is left to dry in fresh air for one whole year. Traditionally made and hand-cut, it leaves the skin on your face and body soft and hydrated. You can also find the soap in the form of ghar flakes which can be used for soaking and softening the hands and feet before manicure and pedicure treatments.
  • Lavender Aleppo Soap – it is the same as the traditional Aleppo Soap,
    but it is scented with lavender oil. Its attractive fragrance makes it perfect for showering as it leaves the skin soft, revitalized, and delicately scented.
  • Liquid Aleppo Soap – also
    known as “Live Levant” this foaming liquid soap is ideal for washing your hands. It is extra mild and gentle for the skin, is made of laurel oil and contains only natural, organic ingredients without any chemicals or additives. Each bottle contains 250 ml.
  • Laurel Shower Gel – Enriched with vitamin E, this shower gel will leave your skin well-
    nourished, soft, clean and radiant. It does not contain alcohol, synthetic colorants or artificial scents.
  • Oriental Magic – Add more fragrance and color to your gifts with
    scented wooden balls, laced scented bags, or a beautiful scented candle. Your gift boxes can also be filled with 100% natural herbal-based massage oils, loofah or natural sponges, as well as beautiful, high-quality cotton towels.

You can see all the products on and learn more about how soaps are made.

For your orders or inquiries, please contact Ms. Marina Girard on +961 71 759 388 or email her at