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Restaurants Doubling?


As the Erbil tourism industry grows, plans have to be drawn for the future so that restaurants depend on qualified workers. Formerly, Erbil restaurants were found only downtown in Erbil city, but now they are everywhere, including in suburban areas, in neighborhoods, and inside the new shopping complexes.


The growth factor of the restaurant industry is the re-emergence of nightlife activities in Erbil, the capital city of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. Erbil is considered to be one of the advanced cities in Iraq in terms of services and restaurants. Restaurants in Erbil have doubled during the past decade from 280 in 2003 to 564.

Villagers and countrymen were the best customers of restaurants in old times. If a villager visited Erbil without going to a restaurant and having kebab, he would be mocked upon returning to his village. Erbil city has a population of 807,000, according to surveys, and has seen vital commercial and tourist activities during the past six years. This has proportionally increased the numbers of hotels and restaurants.

New concepts pouring in! Mobile café, bar or restaurant is next on the list. A Lebanese entrepreneur is studying the idea of converting buses to snack bars and place them on busy streets. Those mobile snack bars will be elegantly branded will give the chance to people on the move to grab a quick bite. More information about the progress of this idea and other ideas will be posted on in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.