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Rouyati Charity Foundation, Lebanon

Where Every Good Action Counts

There are thousands of charity organizations all over the globe with one and the same mission – to let love, support, and hope enter the soul and the lives of those in need, the less privileged members of our society and those who have lost faith in humanity. Small or big, world-known or local, there is always such an organization we can support not only by donating money, food, or other useful items, but also by volunteering to convey that glimmer of hope to our suffering fellowmen.

Dedicated to Help Relieve Suffering

The Lebanese Rouyati Charity Foundation was officially established in 2009 and it is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization dedicated to fight injustice, defend human rights, and fulfill its noble humanitarian mission by providing every possible form of relief and assistance to those who need it.

More specifically Rouyati aims to:

  • Protect human rights and ensure justice and fair treatment for all members of society without any kind of discrimination.
  • Promote the idea of voluntary work, tighten the bonds of community and fight violence against the weaker members of society, such as women and children, the elderly and the disabled.
  • Provide financial, medical and emotional support while preserving the dignity of those in need.
  • Establish health, nursing and sheltering centers for the sick, the poor and the homeless in collaboration with other charitable organizations.

Love, Help, Care, and Giving

Since it was founded, Rouyati Charity Foundation together with Khayyi w Rafik El Darb Charity Organization have managed to provide medical, financial, and moral support to more than 3,000 people who were poor, hungry, sick, homeless, abused, or abandoned. At the same time, those two organizations have opened a restaurant that serves free lunch meals to approximately 150 people every day from Monday to Friday. Moreover, they often organize festive activities on holidays and special occasions to give the chance to the less privileged to have a nice time in a pleasant environment where they can feel as members of a large caring family. For all these, we must say a big thank you to volunteers who offer their love, time and effort just to be rewarded with a smile and the pleasure of contributing to relieve suffering and pain in the community.

Another Big Thank You to Donors

The existence of Rouyati Charity Foundation depends mainly on donations. You can also help us in several ways and you should know that we really appreciate even the smallest contribution.

See how you can help us:

  • Food and Clothes donations will help us provide daily meals and clothes to people who live in extreme poverty. But, please, make sure that all clothes are either new or in good condition. Toys are also welcome for our little friends.
  • Medical donations can also be valuable. If you have medicines or medical equipment that you don’t need any longer, please, don’t throw them away. We will make sure that they go to those who need them most.
  • Money donations can keep us going and give you the satisfaction that you become an important part in our fight against poverty, hunger, poor health and homelessness. Your donations will help us build Rouyati Rest Home Center which will provide accommodation to the most vulnerable and deprived members of our society, such as orphan children, abused women, elderly and disabled people.

Occasional, monthly or yearly donations by individuals are all welcome while companies that want to support our work can do it in many ways.

You can find a lot more details on how to support our charitable work on: