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Salahaddin University – Erbil


SUH – A University for Kurdistan’s Future

Salahaddin University, also known as Salahaddin University-Erbil or SUH, is one of the oldest and largest institutions of higher learning in Kurdistan region, Iraq. SUH was originally established in 1968 in Sulaimaniya, but in 1981 Salahaddin University moved to Erbil. At inception, the university had seven programs. Today this Erbil university has grown to over 26 of the most competitive postgraduate and undergraduate programs in the following fields: Science, Art, Languages, Education, Physical Education, Basic Education, Islamic Sciences, Engineering, Administration and Economics, Law and Politics, Agriculture, and Fine Arts. SUH aims to not only develop Erbil science and engineering but Erbil culture as well.

The university has several professional training centers, which help students develop personal skills and professional knowledge. These training centers are: The Scientific Research Centre, Information Communication Technology, The Cultural and Social Centre, The Central Library, and The Language Center.

Salahaddin University has about 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students combined. The president of the university is Dr. Ahmad Anwar Dezaye. His curriculum vita includes an extensive list of publications, experiences, and awards, making him very qualified for the position.

SUH is a member of the International Association of Universities. It is listed under the Iraq section under its Kurdish name Zankoy Salahaddin. SUH grants various academic degrees and certificates to qualified individuals. These degrees include the following: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD). A Medical degree (MD) is also granted by the Medical College.

Salahaddin University is one of the most competitive Erbil universities. Entrance requirements are unique to each program. If a student is considering applying to SUH, he or she should look at the entrance criteria of the program of interest! The current student body at SUH is the most qualified and diverse in the history of the university. For individuals and prospective students who wish to visit the university, SUH provides transportation from the Erbil International Airport to campus.

Salahaddin University recently announced they would be constructing a new campus. On the 28th of August 2013 Salahaddin University organized a joint two-day workshop with Dar Al-Handasa Company and the High Board of the New Campus Project to discuss the master plan. The new campus will be designed and implemented by this company. First details of the project were highlighted at this meeting, such as the distribution of the buildings to address the needs of the different colleges. We look forward to hearing more about this project!

The mission of SUH is to become a word class educational institution. The goal of SUH is to become a regional leader in Engineering, Science, Law and Politics, Technology, Agriculture, Linguistics, Art, and Human Sciences. The university operates under the belief of the president that “the formula for an outstanding university lies in the combination of human capability, knowledge and good facilities.” Salahaddin University hopes to bring Kurdistan to higher levels of achievement through comprehensive education and training. SUH has taken Erbil education to new heights already. For more information about Salahaddin University and other universities in Kurdistan and education in Erbil, stay tuned, for more reviews and highlights on Erbilia.

زانكۆى سالاهاددين هاولێر – هەولێر، كوردستان