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Erbil Shopping Scene Review


Erbil Shopping Scene Review

Gone are the days when you had to literally peruse through all the stores in the markets of Iraq to find the one that sells your favorite international brand of jeans. Thanks to the developing economy and increased diversification opportunities these days that some of the world’s most popular brands are opening up their outlets in Iraq especially in the fast growing city of Erbil. Erbil shopping scene has broadened and expanded in scale over the last few years with a wide array of fashion brands like DKNY, Mango and Nike Sort starting their operations in the city. For further details about the list of all the currently established shopping stores and operational malls, go through the online magazine and have a look at the amazing Erbil shopping category.

If you are looking for some family places to have fun as well as shop for your most favorite brands, the new Family Mall located on the 100th Ring Road might interest you. Take your kids out for a good movie or savor the different cultural flavors at an exotic restaurant in the mall- we guarantee that you will have the time of your life.


Additionally, the Majidi Mall located in the middle of Erbil-Koya area is the new gathering hub for all the fashionistas around the Erbil region. The first mall to display the world most famous international brands like Mango, Trump, and Ecco has much more to offer than any average Erbil shopping area. It is located right near the famous iconic clock tower so you would not have to waste any extra time roaming around the city aimlessly and finding the place.  This exquisite and posh mall ensures that your shopping experience will be as comfortable and as luxurious as possible.

Other than these two extremely renowned malls in the Erbil city, a lot of new ones are either in the construction process or have been announced. With government’s increased focus on boasting the economic scenario of Erbil and transforming it into an ultra-modern commercial hub, there has been a room for additional development. Seven shopping malls in total have been built around the area and each of them features exclusive international brands like Armani, Gucci and Rolex. Moreover, much emphasis and attention is being paid to improving the outlook of these shopping areas. For the same purposes, renowned architectural companies are being hired to carry out the construction tasks. This growing trend in the Erbil shopping market sector has not only triggered economic activity in the areas but is also helping the city to establish a peaceful and stable environment around.

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