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The Successful Erbil International Fair 2014 December 12, 2014 — Updated 14:00 GMT+2 This year, like every year, we had the chance to cover Erbil International Fair 2014, and noticed that each Read more


Jobs in Kurdistan Employment Opportunities in Kurdistan Despite the economic crisis and the high unemployment rates that tantalize the economies of several countries round the world, the positive fact is that Read more

Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 10
Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 27
Erbil International Fair Medicare Iraq Erbil 2014 Hawler Hewler Kurdistan 28

The 5th International Healthcare Exhibition and Conference – Medicare Iraq 2014 The “healthy” scene of exhibitions in Erbil welcomed the Fifth International Exhibition for Medical and Healthcare which took place Read more

Maryam faris Festival (143)
Maryam faris Festival (145)
Maryam faris Festival (146)

Dazzling Lebanese Star Concert MYRIAM FARES Erbil Kurdistan Myriam Fares just stunned Erbil. Crowds at her concert were truly dazzled by her voice, her stunning look and unique performance. She Read more

Hawler Festival Erbil Tourism Kurdistan Nowruz Festival 19
Hawler Festival Erbil Tourism Kurdistan Nowruz Festival 43
Hawler Festival Erbil Tourism Kurdistan Nowruz Festival 57

The Eighth Erbil Freedom and Nowruz Festival 2014 Halwer Festival 2014 Erbil Arab Tourism Capital 2014 Day 2 of Hawler Festival 2014 was sponsored by Asiacell and Erbil Tourism 2014 Read more

Erbil Autoshow 2014 Erbil International Fair Ground 5
Erbil Autoshow 2014 Erbil International Fair Ground 19
Erbil Autoshow 2014 Erbil International Fair Ground 21

Erbil, Kurdistan The Fifth International Automobile, Automotive, Commercial Vehicles and Spare Parts Exhibition Erbil Autoshow 2014 Automobile enthusiasts in Erbil had the chance to attend the fifth annual Autoshow in Read more

Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 s
Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 w
Erbil events Erbil flower expo 2014 x

Erbil Events – Kurdistan, Iraq Erbil Flower Expo 2014 Held at the Erbil International Fair Ground, Erbil Flower Expo 2014 opened its doors on the 26th of February and will Read more

Sony Erbil Maya Diab

June 26, 2013 Erbil Shopping   Celebrity Maya Diab inaugurates Sony World new branch in Erbil, Kurdistan Headquartered in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra, Sony World announces the opening of its Read more

Aqua Tarin Erbil - 1
Aqua Tarin Erbil - 2
Aqua Tarin Erbil - 3

A Major Entertainment & Leisure Erbil Construction Project  – Aqua Tarin Erbil   A Unique Amusement Experience As Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan area of Iraq is growing and attracting Read more

Haifa Wehbe Erbil Kurdistan - 7
Haifa Wehbe Erbil Kurdistan - 8
Haifa Wehbe Erbil Kurdistan - 9

May 31, 2013 Stars Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al-Iraqi shine bright for the second night!   An unforgettable night at the Rotana Hotel in Erbil, Kurdistan, where the stars Haifa Read more

haifa (13)
Haifa Wehbe & Hatem Al Iraqi
Haifa Wehbe Erbil Concert 2

Haifa Wehbe & Hatem Al-Iraqi Rock Erbil   May 30, 3013 IEVENTS presented Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al Iraqi in concert in Erbil. An audience of ten thousand attended.   The Read more

Haifa Wehbe 2
Haifa Wehbe 3
Haifa Wehbe 4

Haifa Wehbe & Hatem Al-Iraqi   A Lifetime Event to Lift the Spirits of Music Lovers and Rock Erbil by Heidi Alexiou | Erbilia Online Magazine The two scheduled concerts of Haifa Read more

Haifa Wehbe2
Haifa Wehbe3
Haifa Wehbe4

Press Release   I-EVENTS press conference hosts Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al-Iraqi to announce musical events in Erbil. I-EVENTS, a member of I-GROUP Lebanon, organizes a massive musical event in Read more


  Erbil Events and Exhibitions To Bookmark Even though Erbil, in Kurdistan region of Iraq is a growing metropolis, it offers a lively nightlife and a bustling social life. There Read more


  The economy worldwide has not been in its most stable condition for the last few years in the world. Although that is a given, it is certainly not stopping Read more