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Taq Taq Kurdistan


A River of Green Fields in Kurdistan

If you fancy a day-out in Kurdistan, Taq Taq is a must-visit for you. If you visited Kurdistan before, you surely have noticed how rich it is when it comes to historic and touristic sites. The General Board of Tourism in Kurdistan id doing amazing efforts to promote the beauty and enticing culture of Kurdistan. The year 2014 brought with it a glorious title for Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil, when it was names the Arab Capital of Tourism despite of the fierce competition from the cities that were nominated.

Located 98km south-east Erbil city, Taq Taq is known for its amazing landscapes and gardens. Green fields and enchanting natural surroundings are all over the place. A small river passes through the city and it is very popular during spring.

Taq Taq is also known for its famous oil filed operated by a company called Genel Energy. Taq Taq oil field is considered the largest in Kurdistan with a very high production capacity.

500 meters above sea level – Visit Taq Taq in Kurdistan

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Photos copyright of the General Board of Tourism in Kurdistan region, Iraq.