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Tarin Restaurant Erbil


The Ideal Place for All Erbil Events

tarin restaurant erbil

Tarin Restaurant Erbil – Location and Background

tarin restaurant erbilProbably the most beautiful and peaceful of the Kurdistan restaurants, Tarin is located on Masif Road after the checkpoint outside the borders of Erbil and about 15-20 minutes drive from the center of the city.

Tarin restaurant, which was established by the same firm that runs Aqua Tarin, the renowned Erbil water park, first opened its doors in 2008 and since then it has attracted the admiration of both Erbilians and expats who live in the city.

A Place for Everyone

Tarin in one of the most prestigious five-star Erbil restaurants and the ideal place to invite friends and family to hold a wedding reception, celebrate a tarin restaurant erbil tarin restaurant erbil 2 tarin restaurant erbilspecial occasion, have a fantastic dinner with business associates, or plan an unforgettable romantic candle light dinner with your spouse.

Its well-tended green rolling lawns provide the ideal setting for spring and autumn afternoons and summer evenings when there is live entertainment by famous Iraqi or international singers. The concerts held here in the summer attract crowds of music lovers who have the chance to listen to their favorite artists live.

In winter time, the modern, sophisticated dining rooms of the restaurant and the spacious, well-stocked bar on the second floor offer nothing less than comfort and luxury for a warm evening with friends.

Middle Eastern and Western Menu

While most Kurdistan restaurants offer either local or international menus, Tarin offers a wide range of the most popular traditional Middle Eastern specialties and a great selection of gourmet European dishes.

tarin restaurant erbil tarin restaurant erbilIf you often visit Erbil restaurants, you are most likely to be well acquainted with the local food scene, but Tarin’s traditional appetizers, such as Baba Ganoush, Dolma and Cheese Sambousek, are the best. On cold winter days, try their chicken or vegetable soup, while on hot summer days there is nothing better than a Greek salad with juicy tomatoes, cool cucumber and olive oil followed by Fillet Sole Pane or Chicken Gourmet.

If you go there with your children, they will love the hearty beef or chicken burgers sided with French fries, and the Italian pizza or pasta with ground beef and Parmesan cheese.tarin restaurant erbil 4 tarin restaurant erbil

For meat lovers, there are several off-the-grill dishes with lamb and chicken, while vegetarians can enjoy a great dish of rice with mixed vegetables, pizza Margherita or Penne Arrabiata.

Desserts and Beverages

If you don’t care much about calories finish your meal with chocolate or caramel cream pudding, banana split or mixed cream pudding. For something less fattening opt for fresh fruit, or a fruit salad.

tarin restaurant erbilThere are several soft drink choices to accompany your meal, fresh fruit juices to enjoy in the garden on hot summer days, and of course, tea, hot chocolate and several types of coffee to finish your meal or sip while chatting with a friend.

Book Well in Advance

Since a lot of Erbil events are held here, make sure you arrange everything well in advance. For wedding receptions, birthday parties and other social gatherings you can ask for floral arrangements, candles, and other decorations you may have in mind, professional photo and video services, or arrange for a singer or band to perform at your event.