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Housing in Erbil – The American Village

As Erbil keeps attracting new residents from the neighboring areas in Kurdistan and Iraq along with a multitude of expatriates who take advantage of the excellent career opportunities in the Erbil areas, demand for quality housing is on the rise.

Erbil is a large city that has turned into a cosmopolitan metropolis in recent years, especially since the new, international airport opened in 2010. Today the population of the city is approaching 2 million people and new residential compounds are being constructed on the outskirts of the city and very close to highways leading to the center.

At the same time, existing expat districts struggle to cover demand but as several new compounds are completed and enter the real estate market, there is a chance that prices for rentals will fall. At the moment, rents range between $500 and $1000 for an average 100m2 apartment, but stand-alone villas in secure, gated compounds can be as high as $3500 per month. In two years, several thousands of residential units will be ready, making Erbil housing more available with a wider choice of locations and specifications.

Erbil American Village

Erbil Housing - American Village ErbilAt the moment the most sought after housing compound is the American Village which is located on Salahadin Road, just 15 minutes away from central Erbil and the International Airport of the city. The village is also close to the Majidi Hospital, the Choueifat International School and the famous Khanzad Hotel and Resort.

The village offers almost 400 villas constructed to American standards. All the streets in the village are named after US states like Tennessee Street or Georgia Street for easy navigation.

The landscaped gardens of the village are ideal for strolling or jogging around and there are safe playgrounds for the children.

Benefits of Living Here

  • Beautiful, peaceful and secure environment
  • American and Hawlerian style Villas and Palace Homes to choose from
  • East-coast architectural style combined with the local color
  • A wide range of prices for sale or rental
  • Advanced amenities, quality and functionality in all units
  • Independent, self contained community
  • Regular bus service to Erbil city center

Infrastructures and Facilities

The American village offers full independence concerning top-quality infrastructures, such as electricity generators for 24-hour electricity supply, an efficient sewage network with underground sewage treatment, along with water distribution, and storm-water system which is built according to US standards.

Additionally, most villas have their own private garage and garden with a barbeque area or a swimming pool for the most expensive ones. The community also offers a wireless high-speed Internet service, maintenance, and security services, housekeeping and garbage collection.


The Erbil American Village is probably the most expensive place to rent a house. The villas here were constructed with large families in mind, and because of their luxury and security services rents range from $1700 to $3500 per month.

Another thing expats should have in mind is that most houses they can rent in Erbil are not furnished, so they will either have to buy their furniture locally, or have their own furniture shipped from abroad.

Generally speaking, housing in most of the newly-built compounds in the suburbs is quite expensive. For those seeking something more affordable areas like Waziran and Bakhtiary where prices range from $600 to $1000 per month can be a good alternative to consider. Also, for single professionals or small families the option of renting the upper floor of a house in the Christian area of Ankawa would cost about $500 per month, but this kind of accommodation is usually hard to find.


The American village in Erbil, the Kurdistan region in Iraq, provides high quality housing to expatriates from the USA and other parts of the world. The village consists of approximately 400 individual villas with all modern amenities and security services. Erbil American village is located 15 minutes from the center of Erbil and the International airport of the city. Prices range from $1700 to $3500 per month.


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