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The Executive MBA



The economy worldwide has not been in its most stable condition for the last few years in the world. Although that is a given, it is certainly not stopping ambitious executives from seeking the education they need to take their careers to the next level. The executive MBA (EMBA) degree remains one of the most solid investments you can make in yourself: intense leadership development, greater strategic vision and immediately applicable skills are all benefits for an EMBA graduate. But perhaps the most commonly quoted and highly anticipated benefit is that of a greater salary.

The good news is that a salary increase upon completion of an EMBA is nearly guaranteed. In fact, the most recent Executive MBA Council report shows students quoting an average salary increase of 23 percent after graduation.

Company Sponsorship – a Global Trend

It’s proven successful that the best way to retain a good employee is by helping him/ her to improve managerial and leadership skills which will help both the employee and the company.

When a company does decide to invest in a valued employee, it benefits not only from a direct return on investment from the rich course content, but it also sees the increased confidence and broader communication skills the employee brings back after each module. This lays the foundation for new responsibilities, not only for the EMBA participant preparing for the next level, but for the organization developing healthy succession planning within as well.

culture mba2“ We educate leaders- Who will make a difference in the Middle East” said Dr. Saif AlJaibeji, the CEO of Cambridge Academy for Higher Education CAHE, at the opening ceremony of its new offices in Dubai. We have developed bespoke models of executive education. CAHE is dedicated to empowering business executives from the Middle East to improve their skills, knowledge and experience through a unique model of learning using distant learning, life lectures, online and supervised research. The decision to move the management offices from UK to UAE is to be one step closer to our target group.

Cambridge Academy for Higher Education focuses on building its brand in the region as a solution provider for governments, corporates and working executives.

Professor Saad Othman, the President of Cambridge Academy for Higher Education, stressed on the importance of executive education for Iraqi business executives today as Iraq and specifically Erbil became the new hub for business in the region and we need to bridge the gap between local experience and international best practices through learning.

Everyone Comes out Winning

We are committed to Iraq, and in order to reflect that, Cambridge Academy for Higher Education offers a number of sponsorship programs to reduce tuition fees for selective individuals who will make a difference at their work environment after graduation.  The graduates will be CAHE’s ambassadors and will help building the brand for the future says AlJaibeji. In addition to that, we are supporting a number of initiatives to improve research, healthcare and education in the country and we are sponsoring Iraq HealthCare Conference in Erbil this May 2013 to strengthen our presence on the ground. We are to have three Iraqi graduates from our PhD program in 2012, and more than 10 are enrolled into one of our programs this year.

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