Gorani Kurdi traditional and modern Kurdish music
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The Popularity of Gorani Kurdi


Gorani Kurdi

For Traditional and Modern Kurdish Entertainment

Kurdish songs, or Gorani Kurdi, are the heart and soul of every Kurdish festival, celebration, family gathering and wedding. From simple everyday tunes to epic patriotic songs, music and singing accompanies all aspects of our lives, both in our homeland and abroad – wherever our beloved brothers and sisters live. Singing and dancing is part of our cultural heritage, just like our traditional costumes and national dishes.

Through our songs, we express our love and affection, happiness and sorrow, hopes and expectations as well as our loyalty and determination to defend our freedom, our rights, and the freedom of our country. In their majority Gorani Kurdi are pleasant, lively upbeat songs with a strong rhythm that usually convey a message of happiness and admiration for pretty girls and are performed at different celebrations, festivals, or weddings.

The Importance of Gorani Kurdi

Even though Kurdish people who live in different parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey may not share the same language, we are proud to share the same love for music, dance, entertainment and traditional festivals, such as the Newroz. And it is the same with the Kurds of the Diaspora who love to listen to the music of our homeland and take part in all kinds of celebrations organized by the Kurdish communities abroad.

In fact, there are a lot of Kurdish singers and musicians who get together to organize concerts to make our kind of music known to the general public in many European and American cities. Such concerts take place in Nashville, San Francisco and California in the USA, as well as in London and Paris in Europe.

New Generation of Gorani Kurdi

Nowadays, TV music programs and the wide availability of music videos on the Internet have managed to make Kurdish music known to people of other cultures and give them the chance to enjoy our rich musical tradition. At the same time, we are happy that a large number of Gorani Kurdi – Kurdish songs – have become big hits, and even though a lot of YouTube viewers cannot understand the language at all, the musical quality of the lyrics combined with the rhythm of our traditional musical instruments, such as the tembur, long flutes, different kinds of drums, and the oud, create such a pleasant emotional response that makes everyone want to sing or dance along.

At the same time, Kurdish singers, both in our country and abroad, such as Hasan Zirak, Ali Glenani, Seyd Mohammad Safayi, Zahir Omar, Dashni Morad, Kamal Ganji, Lana Zangana, Gorani Hawrami, and many, many more, have managed to make Kurdish music sound more up-to-date by adding elements from other types of music, even from hip-hop, and by introducing musical instruments that were not used in the past.