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Time To Dance


Cheers from Erbil Nightclubs


Time flies in Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq, specially when you are out at night looking for a place to have some drinks, socialise and listen to great music of many genres.

Enough of Cafes and Bars, time to dance in Erbil, just follow the old “how to find a party” rule of thumb

  • grab some drinks
  • grab some friends
  • walk around Erbil at night

and follow the music in the air. If there’s no music in the air, you have to dig deeper into the underground scene of Erbil or just give a f and throw your own party.

If you expect a list of clubs in Erbil this is the wrong place, because we want you to encourage to explore Erbil club-life on your own. Just follow the rule of

  • leave your brain outside

and join the fun. The best club in Erbil is yet to be found, by you!

If you are in Erbil for the first time, you will be surprised by the number of nightclubs that exist within the city. Few more will soon open their doors in mid 2013. “Few years from now, Erbil will be packed with stylish lounges & nightclubs” says Edmond Sweidy, creative director and corporate communications consultant at Big Idea Branding and advertising, a Lebanese agency specialised in development of new business concepts, branding, advertising and online marketing and development (

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