Top 10 bus stops from around the world - A must read
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Top 10 Bus Stops of the World



Whenever you mention bus stop, the first thing that comes to mind is a pile of cigarette butts and empty cans of soft drinks. However, our article is not about that. Today, we’ll tell you about the most stylish and modern bus stations, scattered over all points of the globe. Many people do not like public transport due to many reasons. For that, some creative enthusiasts around the world wanted to improve the appearance of their cities and contribute a share of creativity in the design of urban bus stops, and came up and executed creative bus stops that turn heads.

Checkout the top ten best bus stops that enrich dull minutes of waiting vehicles:

  1. Atlanta, School-bus Stop


Designer Christopher Fennell created this bus stop using three old school buses made in 1962, 1972 and 1977 which were dismantled, and then used by Fennell to create this bus stop.

  1. Baltimore, Wood BUS Stop


This bus stop was made from pure wood using larger-than-life letters “BUS”. In accordance with the state law; this stop has dimensions of 3.3 meters in height and 2.15 meters in width. Each letter can accommodate up to four people. The aim of the people who built this stop was to transform the dullness of waiting for a bus into fun.

  1. Turkey, McDonald’s Bus Stop


In this bus stop, you can now order food even while waiting for the bus, and is only available in Istanbul. Known for its rich architecture and remarkable history, Istanbul now boasts numerous upgraded stops where McDonald’s promises a great hamburger to brighten up the long minutes of waiting.

  1. London, LEGO Stop


Located on Regent Street in London, the original bus stop was created from 100,000 Lego bricks, which took 14 days.  The stop was designed in the framework of the international event “Year of buses.”

  1. Japan, Giant Fruit


Characterized by its extravagant architecture, Japan now has many of the world’s most creative and uniquely designed bus stops. If you’re ever in Japan in Conaghan region, pay attention to the bus stops there. Waiting for the bus to arrive, you can sit inside giant melons, oranges, tomatoes, bananas and strawberries. These stops were built in 1990 for the Travel Expo.

  1. Austria, Tower


In Krumbach, a town of just 1,000 inhabitants, a local cultural organization called Kultur Krumbach hired seven architects for the construction of bus stops in order to stimulate the influx of tourists. All seven stops were unique, but the best among them was the “Tower Bus Stop”, designed by a Japanese architect, which allows anyone to climb it and enjoy the panoramic views of Krumbach.

  1. Amsterdam, Weight Shame


This original bus stop shows the weight of the person sitting on the bench. The main purpose of the stop is a social advertising that encourages people who are obese, to not wait for the bus, but to take a walk or go to the gym.

  1. Paris, Future Bus Stop (Le station de bus du future)


“Le station de bus du future” is being tested at the Lyon railway station in Paris. At the bus stop there is a high-tech kiosk, benches and an interactive touch screen that displays the information on routes. This is a test pattern that is likely to soon be implemented on the streets of Paris.

  1. Holland, Whale Jaw


This bus stop brings us to a new level of perception in art. Located close to a hospital, this stop was constructed from polystyrene, which makes it the world’s largest structure created from synthetic materials. At one end of the stop there is a small office and a couple of toilets, and on the other side there are benches.

  1. Florence, Italy, EyeStop


Developed by MIT Senseable City Lab for Florence, this stop is truly amazing. It is equipped with an interactive touch screen with maps that runs on solar cells and displays in real time, telling you how far away is the bus that you expect. When the bus is about to arrive, it sends you a message on your mobile phone, indicating the approximate time of arrival.