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Tourism and Investments in Slemani


Slemani – The Cultural Capital of Kurdistan and a City for Profitable Investments

Slemani, the short name of Sulaymaniyah, is the capital city of one of the three governorates of Kurdistan and it is the city which proudly carries the title of the cultural capital of the Kurdistan Region. The city of Slemani is a rapidly developing tourist destination, while over the last decade it has attracted a large number of local and foreign investments in all fields of the tourism sector, and not only.

Slemani is renowned for the beautiful mountains that surround it, some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Kurdish Region, its mild climate, and the hospitality it offers to its visitors. People call Slemani “Paris of Kurdistan” for its contribution to supporting the free flow of ideas, and its cultural heritage as the city has always been the home to a large number or writers, poets, scholars, artists and musicians. At the same time, people of different origins and religions live peacefully together with mutual respect and understanding and a strong intent to preserve their peaceful coexistence against all kinds of external threats.

In and Around Slemani

While Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish Region, has been the center of attention, we, at Erbilia Online Magazine, would like to encourage our readers to plan a visit to the beautiful city of Slemani on their next holiday, or plan to celebrate Newroz on Mount Azmar, only 10 km away from the city.

Inside the city of over 1,700,000 people, you will enjoy visiting its many bazaars, shopping malls, green parks and fine restaurants that offer a large variety of traditional local delicacies. Don’t forget to visit the Sulaymaniyah, the Amna Suraka and the Ethnographic Museums, and the Zamoa Gallery, or you can attend all kinds of artistic activities at the Aram Gallery.

For those who would like to enjoy the beauty of one of the most amazing places in Kurdistan, we strongly recommend a visit to Dukan Lake Resort where you can go boating, fishing or swimming in the summer. The place offers excellent tourist facilities so you can stay in one of the modern hotels and dine in the fine restaurants of the resort.

The city is connected by road to the other Kurdish governorates and to the major Iraqi cities, but for those coming from abroad there are direct flights to Slemani International Airport from Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Malmo, Ankara, Istanbul, Beirut, Damascus, Dubai, Doha and Amman.

Investing in Slemani

Security and stability have made the Kurdistan Region a safe haven in the whole of Iraq and combined with the favorable Investment Law, all three Kurdish governorates have attracted billions of dollars in investments in several different sectors over the last decade.

The people in Slemani have always supported all kinds of educational projects and new investments in private international schools, universities and other professional institutes are more than welcome. It is the same with tourist investments especially in the many popular resorts all around the governorate from Dukan Lake and the banks of the Minor Zab River, to several stunning small resorts on the green mountains bordering Iran.

Moreover, very profitable investments can be in all forms of telecommunications and innovative information technologies as well as the media and art, while more traditional investments can be in the construction, trade, agriculture, and transport sectors. For more information on all forms of investments in Slemani, you can visit the official website of the Kurdish board of investment on