Erbil Business Tower - Towering up Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
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Towering Up Erbil


Erbil Business Tower

Erbil Business Tower is a 23 storey landmark in Erbil offering its occupants spacious office spaces and a full service business facility. With modern and elegant architectural design, and flair of Erbil’s local culture and rich history, the Tower consists of various business facilities such as a telecommunication center, print shop, conference rooms and parking spaces. Built in the center of a magnificent city, Erbil Business Tower is surrounded by a lush landscape with an inviting pedestrian area all integrated harmoniously to create a fascinating site. The Erbil Business Tower features:


  • Erbil Business Tower consists of 23 floors including shops and showrooms in the ground floor.
  • Surrounded by restaurants and retail shops.
  • Build up area of 2200 m².
  • Retail Shops area of 4000 m².
  • 16500 m² of office space
  • Each floor consists of 4 commercial offices each including a kitchen, an office and a private rest room.
  • Available parking area for approximately 300 cars.

Plans to build more towers in Erbil is in process. The building boom makes Erbil one of the most attractive cities for international construction and development companies from Europe, USA, and some parts of the Middle East. The expatriate population is expected to rise and will account for a bigger percentage of the total population in the coming years. This will increase the demand for residential and commercial property units in Erbil.