Vitamin C health benefits in Ebola virus prevention
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The Tremendous Health Benefits of Vitamin C


Vitamin C Health Benefits & its Role in Preventing the Ebola Virus

Despite the groundbreaking studies of Linus Pauling, who claimed megadoses of Vitamin-C stave off cancer, the benefits of Vitamin-C still go largely unnoticed.  Vitamin-C is ascorbic acid.  It is naturally present in abundant quantities in fruits and many vegetables.  Most animals create their own supply of Vitamin-C.  Only a few animals like humans, other primates and fruit bats do not create their own Vitamin-C.  These animals thus need to consume ample supplies of Vitamin-C for optimal health.

Vitamin-C is beneficial in several ways.  It is an antioxidant, meaning that it scavenges positive ions that cause cell damage and aging.  In this way, it helps keep cells young and free from disease.  In addition, Vitamin-C boosts collagen production, which can keep your skin supple and youthful as you age.  Vitamin-C also bolsters your cell walls.  These prevents viruses from breaching the cell walls and using your cells to replicate themselves. Vitamin-C thus helps to prevent and/or reduce the symptoms of viruses such as colds and flu.

Vitamin-C is water-soluble rather than fat-soluble.  Therefore, it is regularly eliminated from your body.  As such, it would be exceedingly difficult for a person to overdose on Vitamin-C.  Moreover, large quantities of the vitamin are needed when one is trying to fight a cold or to boost immunity when others around them are ill.  In such a case, several thousand milligrams of Vitamin-C a day may be needed.  Since Vitamin-C is an acid, however, care must be taken for those with sensitive stomachs.  Buffered Vitamin-C with calcium is easier on your stomach.

Recently, some have theorized that Ebola actually robs your body of all Vitamin-C, destroying your tissue.  They suggest that Ebola mimics the symptoms of scurvy (disease caused by vitamin deficiency). Since Ebola is a virus, Vitamin-C may help prevent or guard against the symptoms by strengthening your cell walls (although very heavy doses, perhaps administered intravenously, might be needed).  Regardless, Vitamin-C is an essential component of any health regimen, for those interested in keeping their body young, strong and disease-free.

If you are traveling, make sure to start a Vitamin-C course at least two weeks ahead. Constant travelers are at risk of getting the Ebola virus on their trips, so make sure you take good care. More news about the benefits of Vitamins and the preventive actions for Ebola virus and other diseases and viruses, on Erbilia Online Magazine soon. 

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