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Unfolding a Mystery


Rio di Janero, Brazil

From Brazil to the world, a photo that went viral

An intriguing caption from the publisher of this photo made it go viral. Check it out!

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It was Nelson Felippe from Brazil who posted a photo of two girls on Facebook and ever since, the photo went viral in a crazy way. A couple of days later, not only Brazil, but the whole world started sharing this photo. The internet scene got jammed with comments and debates around it.

The post from Brazil was in Portuguese language, we spent some time to figure out what was going on, and the answer came out totally unexpected.


” I’m not prejudiced. I understand that everyone is liberal and free to live the way they want. By coincidence, I watched this scene unfold.”


“How people act and behave when they are alone by themselves is their own business. However, this doesn’t apply in a public place where hundreds are watching. I refuse to look at it and pretend like nothing happened.”

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“This is a huge challenge for our societies, this is very dangerous. What if someone got killed? Whose fault would it be? Who would you blame? If we accept this now, people will think that it is okay and keep doing it. They’ll end up thinking it’s fine to wait for the train right on the edge of the platform! So don’t do what this guy did. Stand a safe distance from the edge and embrace each other instead.”

Photos and comments: Nelson Felippe