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Unique Bazar Experience


Tayrawa Market – Erbil

Erbil is known to be a shopper’s paradise. With its several huge, upscale Malls that dot the city, Erbil attracts shoppers not only from Kurdistan, but also from the rest of Iraq as well as from neighboring countries.

Tayrawa Market Erbil Shopping KurdistanHowever, the super-modern Malls are not the only attraction for visitors. Local traditional markets and bazaars are like a magnet to shoppers who want to experience something different. The most popular traditional market with visitors to Erbil is the Qaysari market right at the foot of the ancient Citadel, but there are several other local markets all over the city.

Tayrawa Market is a local market full of color which is representative of Middle Eastern traditional markets. It is located in the north of the old Citadel and very close to the junction of Aras and Barzany Namr Streets. Here, you will find all kinds of local and imported fruit and vegetables, freshly baked bread and bread products, fresh meat, poultry, and several kinds of fish that come from Turkey or Iran.

This market is also quite popular with Kurdish women who look for the right fabric to make their traditional “Jli Kurdi” clothes. Even if you don’t wear such clothes, the variety of the available fabrics and their bright colors will definitely tempt you into buying something.Unique Bazar Experience

Unique Bazar ExperienceHere, shoppers can also find most of the everyday household items, a large variety of spices and condiments and thousands of knick knacks to be used as accessories or home decoration. Prices in Tayrawa Market are lower than other similar markets and that’s why you’ll find hundreds of shoppers there every day.

If you get hungry, there are several small eateries that sell kebab, falafel, and a large variety of sandwiches. If the weather is hot, you can ask for freshly squeezed orange juice, lemonade, or even a bottle of Coke… If you are an ice cream fan, there are several soft ice cream vending machines all over the market.