The most unique desserts from around the world
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Unique Desserts From Around The World


We bring you the a collection of the most unusual and unique desserts from all over the world:

Chocolate Piñata, Chicago


Served at Alinea restaurant in Chicago, this signature dessert is truly one of a kind in terms of presentation. After you order the piñata, the waiter, draws intricate patterns right on your table; bright red cranberry syrup and bright yellow sauce, butternut squash. Then he splits large chocolate balls, of which fly enchanting candies, biscuits, cotton candy and other sweet surprises that were inside.

“Nitro” Ice Cream, Philippines


This unusual dessert is served at a huge restaurant in Manila, and unusual in the fact that its preparation is carried out using liquid nitrogen – the technology used to prepare food for astronauts. The cooking process takes place in front of visitors. Ice cream flavors range from flavored rose to lavender, osmanthus, as well as eggs and bacon flavor.

“Cherpumple” Cake, Los Angeles, USA


Two Americans, an actor and a comedian invented this strange dessert about three years ago. They created one cake out of three of their most favorite pies: pumpkin, apple and cherry. All three of the cakes are combined, baked and frosted with cream and presented as one.

“Golden Cake of the Sultan”, Istanbul, Turkey


This dessert that can be enjoyed at the most expensive hotel in Istanbul – Ciragan Palace Kempinski – is similar to the name of law. Cooking the cake lasts 3 days and the preparation for it – as much as 2 years, the time needed for marinating the filling in Jamaican rum. Filling is made of quince, fig, pear, and apricot. The cake is added to a very rare vanilla, which grows in Polynesia, and then all sprinkled with black truffles, finally the cake is covered with 24-carat edible gold flakes. Dish, which serves “golden cake of the Sultan” is a silver box with a gold seal.

Deep Fried Candy, Scotland


This dish is a popular delicacy in Scotland, served in fast food restaurants. It is quite simple and easy to prepare, so it can be done at home: chocolate bars crumble in the batter and fry in deep fat. PS: This dessert is not for people on diet.

“Ais Kacang” Sweetness, Singapore and Malaysia


This is a very popular dessert made of red beans and shaved ice. Corn seeds, palm seeds, green and red jelly and other ingredients are added to taste.

“English Breakfast”, Ireland


Preparation of this unusual “classic English breakfast” consists of scrambled eggs with sausage, bacon and baked beans. The originality of the dish is that all the “ingredients” are sweet. “Sausage” – a cake with peanut butter, “beans” made from pieces of cookies with white chocolate and filled with fruit orange and strawberry puree and “scrambled eggs” – a sweet panna cotta with lemon.

“Tavuk Göğsü” Dessert, Turkey



This dish was served to the Turkish sultan in the Ottoman Empire, but today it can be enjoyed in most restaurants in Turkey. The dessert is made from finely chopped chicken breast, sweet milk, rice, oil and flour. Before serving, the dish is sprinkled with sweet almonds and cinnamon.

“Green Dysentery”, Taiwan

Green-Dysentery- Taiwan-dessert-unique-desserts-sweets-erbil-kurdistan-kurdish-erbilia-food-restaurants-restaurant-fast-food-bakery-franchise-coffee-shop

In one of the most unusual restaurants in the capital of Taiwan under the rather strange name of “Modern Toilet”, where all orders are served in a pot, in a shape resembling a toilet seat. The menu items names compliment the name of the restaurant in a weird way. For example “green dysentery”, is the usual ice cream with kiwi sauce.