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Zagros Jet Kurdistan Airlines


The Reliable Kurdistan Airlines

Over the past decade, the autonomous Kurdistan Region has enjoyed an exponential growth as its economy flourishes mainly because of the large number of local and international investments. Sectors, such as oil and gas, construction, tourism and hospitality, retail, and telecommunications have significantly contributed to the development of the Region. So, now it’s the turn of the Kurdish Airlines to play an important role in that growth.

Because of the safety and the security of the region, Kurdistan has become the gateway to Iraq and both Kurdish International Airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah accommodate millions of business and leisure travelers each year. Especially during turmoil times when the other Iraqi airports are avoided, mainly by international travelers, the two international airports of the region are the only safe fly-in and fly-out points of the country.

 Zagros Jet – The First Kurdistan Airlines

With a vision to become the #1 airline preferred both by the Kurds and the Iraqis, Zagros Jet aims to cover at first the most important destinations in the Middle East and Turkey, and later on several international destinations.

Zagros Jet, which belongs to the Zagros Group of companies and is based in Erbil, was established in 2005. After being given its license as an official air carrier by the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation in 2013, it changed its name from Zagros Airlines to Zagros Jet to avoid being confused with the Iranian Zagros Airlines.

Zagros Jet started performing scheduled flights to:

  • Beirut in Lebanon
  • Amman in Jordan
  • Adana, Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey
  • Larnaca in Cyprus
  • London in the United Kingdom
  • Munich in Germany
  • Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and
  • Stockholm in Sweden 

At the same time, the company’s short-term plans include flights to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, mainly for the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage, while long-term plans include numerous international destinations.

Moreover, apart from its scheduled flights, Zagros Jet operates charter flights as well as cargo flights to Turkey, Middle East and Europe.

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Rapid Growth

With priority to achieving customer satisfaction on all levels while improving ground and flight safety, Zagros Jet has tripled its number of flights and passengers in just one year. The maiden flight of the airline was from Erbil to Ankara on October 2nd 2013 and at that time the company owned just one A321-231 Airbus. Less than one year later, Zagros Jet added two more aircraft in its fleet: an Airbus A320-232 on April 7th 2014 and an Airbus A320-214 on May 14th 2014.

At the moment, Zagros Jet is the only local airline, but it has paved the way for more Kurdish Airlines to start operating from this part of the world, since the Kurds are always proud to support any business venture that helps the economy of the region and lets people all over the world know how Kurdistan has managed to leave behind the difficult times of the past and is determined to work hard for a brighter future.