Amber Lui Shared Her First Times And Her Answers Will Make You Love Her Even More

AL: When I first met the girls, I did not know they were going to be my members. We just are all trainees together and then, until we get put into a group, we don’t know we’re a group.

Krystal, she was my first friend because she spoke English. Krystal would basically take me around everywhere and show me where to do this and do that. Always, she’s still a princess.

Luna is actually a lot more different than I initially thought. She was singing power vocals, she did popping and locking — no other girl trainee was doing that. So, I was like, “This girl’s really got her shit together!” She’s a cute little fuzz ball.

Victoria. We didn’t really have an impression of each other because I barely saw her. She lived with me, but I barely saw her. She’s the mom.

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