Kylie Jenner's Video Reveals Cockroach on Dream Kardashian's Birthday Cake

Dream’s Birthday Party Make a Wish … And Blow Out the Cockroach!!!


Kylie Jenner‘s video from Dream‘s second birthday party proves Auntie Kylie is the hostess with the mostest … the mostest cockroaches. 

Jenner hosted her niece’s 2nd birthday party Wednesday at her Hidden Hills home … and there was at least one uninvited guest patrolling the sweets table. The 6-legged party guest can be seen scurrying for cover underneath Dream’s decked out bday cake.

As for how the critter may have entered the bash — there are a ton of plants and foliage intertwined with the dessert spread — so you gotta imagine he hitched a ride inside.

Cockroach guest or not, the party was still clearly a hit for Dream and all her guests with a homemade teepee, fairies and tons of presents.

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