Kolkata Fashion Designer Arrested For Hit-And-Run, Was Allegedly Drunk


A man was killed after being hit by a car driven allegedly by a Kolkata-based fashion designer. The car hit him when he was waiting for a bus in the afternoon, police said. The woman has been arrested.

Around 6.30 am, Aditi Agarwal, who was seemingly drunk, skipped the traffic signal and allegedly rammed the victim on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, a senior officer of the Kolkata Police said.

Instead of stopping, the woman drove into a five-star hotel nearby. The police tracked her down based on the CCTV footage.

A blood test reportedly revealed high alcohol levels.

“She was slurring. It’s quite surprising that she was driving the car. She came out of a pub in the Park Street area and was headed home after dropping her friends. She was speeding when the incident happened,” the officer told news agency PTI.

The victim worked at the Leather Complex and was waiting for the bus to go there. The police are trying to find his family.

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