Man Shows His Barber A Paused Video, Gets Triangle Cut Into His Hair

An unidentified man from China is probably writing a really shi**y review for a hair salon he has recently walked out of. First in Chinese media, now all over the internet, photos of the play button haircut are going viral. So far it’s unclear whether it was a savage prank or an unfortunate mistake. All that we know is that the poor guy showed his barber a paused video of a man he wanted to look like and ended up with – you guessed it – a play button icon shaved into his head. So far, the post has received nearly 20K comments and over 78K likes, and it looks like the numbers aren’t stopping anytime soon.

This is the paused video a customer showed the barber in China

Image credits: 天秀bot

Image credits: Dmitry Zvolskiy (not the actual photo)

And this is the look he ended up with

Image credits: 天秀bot

Image credits: 天秀bot

Image credits: 天秀bot

As unfortunate as it was, people thought the mistake was hilarious

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