Woman Captures The Beauty Of London’s Front Doors

Photographer Bella Foxwell has been capturing the beauty of London that a lot of people simply walk past. Doors. Her Instagram page, appropriately titled The Doors of London, features a rainbow of facades that are so quirky, they look like props from a Wes Anderson movie.

“I started this account about two-and-a-half years ago as a challenge,” Foxwell wrote. “I’d spent the previous year building the accounts of big consumer brands and wanted to see if I could practice what I preached for myself. Since I was already obsessed with doors, it felt like a natural fit as my ‘niche.'”

From the streets of Notting Hill to the lively district of Brixton, Foxwell’s growing collection has already earned her over 38K followers and it will surely inject you with a healthy dose of house envy as well. Continue scrolling to check out her work!

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