4 Tips to Decorating With Indoor Houseplants

Plants form an integral aspect of our lives. Most people enjoy waking up to fresh air each day. If it were not for plants, human life would be impossible. Décor is never complete without some plants. Plants bring in some natural essence and life to the surroundings. It is important to know how to use what plant when decorating. Some plants do not belong indoors as they can be harmful to you or your pet. Here are four tips to decorating with indoor houseplants.

1) Use Small Plants

Small plants are very easy to use for décor. You can have them placed on tables or shelves to add some life to the room. With a small plant, you can play around by placing them in different jars. A tiny plant also does not take up too much space. This makes them ideal for small areas like tables and working desks. With a small plant, you can try a variety that you can easily tend since they are easy to forget. Decorating indoors is easy when you have so many small plant varieties from which to pick. Small herbs are ideal for the kitchen planter.

2) Fertilizer

Just like every other plant you keep outside, you have to get fertilizer for indoor plants. Some sites can help you get good fertilizer for the plants. The fertilizer is meant to feed your plant with the essential nutrients. Proper nutrition aids the growth of the plant. Well-fed plants are glorious. They look vibrant. You do not want your plant to have stunted growth. An indoor plant does not have a lot in the soil that it can exploit. That means that you have to compensate and give the plant the essential nutrients it requires.

3) Use Planters

Planters are containers used for planting. You need to play around with different kind of planters. Glass planters can make the home look classic and elegant. You can hang them to make a flowery pattern. Planters can change the entire game. You can research how to make your planters with unused materials around the house. Old glasses make the perfect planters. A perfect way to hang them is in a corner such that they will get enough light. Make sure that you water them adequately to keep the plants thriving.

4) Wall Plants

There is a method through which you can have a whole wall decorated with the plants you love. When you have a way of nothing, get some shelving done to add some wall pockets. You can add all the plants that you want to see on the wall. The pockets can work well on a hallway where there is less décor. Plants make the hallways look lively. You can plant as many edible plants that you can use in the kitchen. You can have mint leaves, which are full of flavor and pleasant scent. The wall pockets can hold as many plants you want.

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