Best Movie Apps for Apple TV

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Choose a Classic

If you enjoy older films, from dramas to horror flicks, then check out the apps that specialize in the classics.


When you just want the classics, this app serves them up

So many choices

For those who just want classic television shows and movies for the entire family.

Classix is an Apple TV app that gives you an entire library of classic TV shows and movies for you and your family. When you sign up for Classix Premium, which is just a one-time fee of $0.99, you will get access to the entire library of programming available in the app, and it is always updated with new content. Classix features classic television shows and movies, including old-school cartoons so even the young ones can be entertained with the app. And as you watch more with Classix, the app learns what you like and don’t like, giving you accurate recommendations from your viewing history. And you can add favorites to a list and pick up whenever you have some time.

Why we love it

Sometimes we just want to sit down with the classics and relax, remembering the good old times of amazing original shows and movies. For a small one-time fee, Classix delivers the best of the past and there is a ton of content for everyone in the family to enjoy.

For those who…

  • You like watching the classic shows and movies
  • You don’t like subscription services

Not for those who…

  • You want new and modern television and movies
  • You already have a subscription service for streaming video content

Pop Open a Preview

Maybe you are unsure of which film you want to see or would just like to narrow down your choices. Either way, checking out movie trailers on your Apple TV is a great way to pick a film.

iTunes Movie Trailers

View previews for movies in theaters, that are featured, or those topping the charts.

iTunes Movie Trailers
View the previews

For those interested in viewing movie trailers along with local show times.

The iTunes Movie Trailers app is a terrific tool for checking out trailers and more. The trailers are categorized for easy browsing, the calendar feature helps to see what is being released and when, and the ability to view local show times is an awesome bonus to the app.

Why we love it

For planning out your date or movie night, the iTunes Movie Trailers app for Apple TV makes it simple.

For those who…

  • You enjoy watching movie trailers for upcoming films
  • You like to see previews of movies currently at the theater

Not for those who…

  • You do not enjoy watching movies
  • You prefer not to watch film previews
Hello Movies

See what’s in theaters, view the latest trailers, and look at what’s coming up.

Hello Movies
Easy navigation

For those who enjoy watching movie trailers for upcoming releases and films playing now.

Hello Movies has a nice array of movie trailer options. With an easy-to-use swipe interface, you can quickly get to the trailers you want to watch. From films currently playing to those coming up, you will always be in-the-know with new movies. You can also search by genre, view movie details, and save your favorites.

Why we love it

Hello Movies is a terrific Apple TV app for checking out new films. From trailers to photos to details, if you love movies then this app will keep you up to date on fresh flicks.

For those who…

  • You enjoy watching movie trailers for upcoming films
  • You like to see previews of films currently at the theater

Not for those who…

  • You do not enjoy watching movies
  • You would rather be surprised than see film previews

Pick a Winner

Getting suggestions, film details, and choosing what to watch is simple with apps that help you decide on the perfect movie for your mood or style.

Spideo Movie Discovery

Get movies chosen just for you with this personalized video app.

Spideo Movie Discovery
Movie battle or mood?

For those who like movies based on their taste or mood.

categories, select between movie genres, and then get suggestions based on your preferences. If you are in the mood for strange, suspenseful movies, you will get them. Or, if you feel like watching a romantic comedy, you will get those options too. Spideo Movie Discovery is a terrific way to find just what you are looking for.

Why we love it

For finding movies that are tailored to your taste or mood, Spideo Movie Discovery displays options especially for you.

For those who…

  • You like movies based on preferred genre or mood
  • You like narrowing down your movie options

Not for those who…

  • You do not care about movies based on your mood
  • You do not watch movies at all
moviElect - Decide Which iTunes Movie or Rental to Watch for TV & Mobile

Because life is too short to argue on the movie to watch

moviElect – Decide Which iTunes Movie or Rental to Watch for TV & Mobile
Decide on a winner

For groups who want to watch a movie, but don’t want to argue over it.

Browse through movie cards, swipe up on the ones you like and watch as they magically fly from your phone to your Apple TV screen. When everyone is satisfied with the movies you’ve tossed onto the TV, click a button on your Apple TV remote and moviElect will spit out a winner.

Why we love it

This is a great way to make sure that everyone at a movie party is happy. Let the room decide between a comedy, drama, or action movie.

For those who…

  • Love movies
  • Don’t like conflicts
  • Are hosting a movie party

Not for those who…

  • You rather watch a TV show
  • Are all alone
  • In your home, it’s a dictatorship

Find a Free Flick

Save yourself some cash by checking out apps that offer movies for free on Apple TV. With movies and even television programs, you cannot go wrong shows at no charge.

Tubi - Watch Movies & TV Shows

Check out flicks for free on your Apple TV.

Tubi – Watch Movies & TV Shows
Browse by category

For those who enjoy watching movies and do not subscribe to a paid film service.

Tubi TV is easy to use and has a wonderful variety of movies as well as TV shows. The options are categorized nicely so that not only can you see movies not on Netflix, but you can browse through comedies, dramas, thrillers, action adventures, and more. With new shows added all the time, Tubi TV is a great movie app for Apple TV.

Why we love it

Tubi TV has a great variety of movies and shows for every taste and everyone in the house. Check out a new flick for family or date night with this free movie app.

For those who…

  • You enjoy watching movies and do not mind a few ads
  • You prefer free services over paid ones

Not for those who…

  • You prefer a movie service or app you subscribe to already
  • You do not like to see ads with free apps
Sony Crackle

Crackle keeps you entertained at no cost

Sony Crackle
Browse movies and TV shows

For those who want some television and movies to watch without paying anything.

Crackle is the leading free app that gives you a huge variety of options to choose from each month. There are no hidden fees to use the app, and you get plenty of different television shows and movies to watch, with rotating content every month. This is a great way to catch up on favorites, discover new shows and movies, and just pass the time. Crackle has television, movies, and even anime, so there is something for everyone here.

Why we love it

Crackle gives us a lot of options for video streaming entertainment.

For those who…

  • You want free movies, television shows, and anime
  • You don’t mind different content every month

Not for those who…

  • You don’t want to discover something new
  • You don’t want to be limited to a specific collection of stuff every month

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