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Goose The Cat Is The Only Reason To See Marvel Movies Now, And Here’s The Poster To Prove It

Carol Danvers has made a fortuitous entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but many fans are less obsessed with Captain Marvel and more with her cat.Captain Marvel made more than $153 million in its first weekend, the seventh highest grossing film of the Avenger franchise. Now, with her appearance in the second trailer released for the Avengers: Endgame, the final film in the main MCU story arc, viewers are hungry for more, and dissecting every piece of Avenger art that’s been released along with it.Some are even making their own.Source: YouTube/
Marvel Entertainment
Goose the Cat is one of the stars of the Captain Marvel movie.

Imagine a world where the Infinity Snap not only removed half of all life in the known universe, but simultaneously turned the remaining half into clones of Goose. Don’t worry if it sounds confusing. We’ve found an illustration to help you out.Twitter user Amazon Crime has given the newest movie poster a makeover, heavily featuring Danvers’ sidekick, Goose the Cat.Source: YouTube/
Marvel Entertainment
Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, is assisted by Goose, a Flerken.
OK, so maybe it’s all Goose the cat.Proper greatergood_ctg_abovevideo

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