Man Robs Woman At ATM, Returns The Money After Seeing Her Bank Balance Is Zero

A guilty conscience is hard to live with. And, paradoxically, even thieves avoid it. Recently, surveillance cameras caught a man robbing a woman in China at the ATM and then immediately after felt very sorry. Shared by China Global Television Network (CGTN), the CCTV footage shows the man, armed with a knife, sneak up on the woman as she is using a remote cash point to take out some bills.

Image credits: CCTV tape

Image credits: CCTV tape

After a short exchange that leaves the woman completely terrified, she hands over all of her money, which was reported to be 2,500 yuan (around $372).

Image credits: CCTV tape

However, his greed kicks in and he demands that she show him her bank balance. Probably thinking about the blade of his knife, the woman obliges. They turn towards the ATM machine and after she brings up the number on the screen, it appears to change the guy’s mind. According to reports, it was a big fat zero.

Image credits: CCTV tape

Watch the entire incident unfold in the video below

[embedded content]

The robber smiles and, just like that, returns the poor woman her money. The CCTV from outside ICBC bank where the ordeal took place then captures him walking off, without the money. The woman is left baffled, trying to process what just happened.

Image credits: 樂新聞

Reportedly, the incident occurred in Heyuan City, South China. CGNT states that even though the guy didn’t actually keep the cash, the threats he made and the knife he held were very real. He later was detained by the police. People on the internet have already nicknamed him the modern day Robin Hood, a crook who only steals from the rich.

Image credits: 樂新聞

People were trying to see the silver lining of the situation

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