64 Single-Panel Comics By ‘Bogart Creek’

“I started by emulating Herman and The Far Side when I was a kid, and even at that early age I knew I was making derivative crap, but the love of cartooning persisted through high school and university,” Derek told Bored Panda. “Bogart Creek is only two years old, but I’ve been drawing comics in various forms for many years. A pivotal moment for me was was about twenty years ago when I worked summers as a caricaturist at Toronto’s Ontario Place, drawing hundreds of tourists every summer. It was a weird sort of performance, trying to save the punchline for the very end to get the best reaction from the crowd. Can’t say I’m a fan of being ‘on stage’, but I get a similar kick from seeing how people respond to my comics online.”

Bogart Creek largely happened because I was getting too depressed drawing political cartoons of Trump,” Derek said. “I was gaining some momentum in that field and it was suggested that I send some in to The New Yorker. At the time their policy didn’t allow for political cartoons so I started doing dry, cerebral single panel gags.”

“As it turned out, the jokes that cracked me up were a lot more dark and absurd than The New Yorker seems to prefer (perhaps excluding the awesome work of Edward Steed), and I gravitated to that. I’ve been seeing how far I can push it ever since. I’ve got some basic rules I try to follow: no swearing, no sexual humor (except for the odd reindeer in drag), I try and avoid puns and overtly ‘relatable’ stuff, and no political gags. Beyond that, sky’s the limit. I’ve been really amazed at how much people of all ages and lifestyles seem to be OK with really dark, violent, and twisted scenarios.”

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