Artist Gives Classical Paintings Geeky Makeovers (13 Pics)

A Canadian digital artist Andrea Tamme, known on social media as Lothlenan, turns classical works of art into geeky paintings of pop-culture. From Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci to Edvard Munch’s Scream, from Rick and Morty to Sailor Moon, Lothlenan successfully juxtaposes classical with modern in his carefully reimagined paintings.

Lothlenan began his series while doing a study of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Andrews’ by Thomas Gainsborough in his free time as a way to strengthen his painting skills. Perhaps out of the need to exhilarate his studying experience, Lothlenan decided to ‘spice things up’ a little bit by portraying the Earl of Lemongrab from ‘Adventure Time’ as Mr. Andrews – the original protagonist of Gainsborough’s painting.

The artist liked the resulting picture and his friends liked it even more, so he decided to turn it into an ongoing series, which can be seen right below!

More info: | Instagram

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