Ex-Nissan exec Jose Munoz may take over as Hyundai global COO, report says – Roadshow

Former Nissan exec Jose Munoz is rumored to be putting the final touches on a deal to become the global COO for Hyundai and CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

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Ex-Nissan exec Jose Munoz may have bailed on the troubled Japanese firm amid its big Carlos Ghosn scandal, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy since then. Automotive News reports on Monday that Munoz is working out the contractual details to take up the mantle of Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai.

That would be a massive jump up the corporate ladder. His new position would also entail him taking over as CEO of Hyundai Motor America. Not bad for a guy who until January was the Chief Performance Officer at what is arguably the lowest-performance Japanese automaker. Munoz also headed up both US and Chinese operations for the brand.

Munoz’ departure from Nissan in January was initially billed as a leave of absence to assist with “special tasks” related to the Ghosn investigation. We found out later that he had left Nissan entirely.

While the deal isn’t officially done with Hyundai, sources close to the matter told Automotive News that the appointment of Munoz could be announced in as little as a week.

If indeed Munoz makes the jump to Hyundai, his expertise when it comes to grabbing market share would be yet another reason for establishment brands from Europe and Japan to be afraid of the once-derided brand from Korea.

Hyundai didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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