Mueller report memes are all about being redacted for your amusement – CNET

The long-awaited report by special counsel Robert Mueller on Russian interference in the 2016 election was released on Thursday. But even before it became publicly available, Americans were anticipating what it would look like to see sections of the document redacted, or blacked out.

And the jokesters were right. A tweet from A.J. Chavar shows plenty of pages of the Mueller report were indeed blacked out, although the content wasn’t redacted in the kind of humorous patterns Twitter users created.

Naturally, there was at least one Rickroll.

Some memes got a bit meta, surmising what the social media atmosphere would be like once the report was read.

Sometimes, redaction is everything, as with this tweet showing a completely blacked-out page.

Even actor Rainn Wilson jumped into the fray.

Coded messages hidden in the pages were common.

Shakespeare had his turn, with a jab at the president’s complexion.

But there was also other news. Former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges noted, “I know the redacted Mueller Report is out today, but please don’t let that overshadow the news that Jason Momoa shaved his beard.”

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