Justin Bieber's About a Year Away from Dropping New Album

Justin Bieber Did I Say Album Coming Soon?!? Gimme Another Year, Please!!!


Justin Bieber jumped the gun at Coachella when he said an album was coming soon … ’cause TMZ’s learned it’s actually gonna be about another year before a full set of new tunes is ready.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … the Biebs got caught up in the moment when he said “album coming soon” after wrapping up his Sunday night surprise performance with Ariana Grande. Yes, he has been working on new music, but that tease for a new album immediately cranked up fan anticipation.

Great marketing, for sure, on JB’s part — and while he HAS recorded a few songs already … we’re told he’s still working on creating a new sound.

Of course, the bottom line is he actually IS recording … and doing so when everything’s coming up Justin. We’re told he feels very centered, and he’s excited about getting back in the studio grind.

Remember … Bieber hasn’t released a solo of his own for more than 3 years — his “Purpose” album dropped way back in November 2015. He told the Coachella crowd he hadn’t performed in like 2 years and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed, his words, getting his groove back.

He was also recently featured in Lil Dicky‘s new single “Earth” — the one where he plays a baboon. It was Justin’s first collab since “No Brainer” was released last July.

Goes without saying … Justin’s new album is already highly anticipated.

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