Best Apps of the Week May 10, 2019

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This week’s best apps include a fun way for kids to play, a video effects and filters app, and more.

Sago Mini Village

Sago Mini Village

Sago Mini

Fun for Kids

Another great app from the popular children’s app developer, Sago Mini Village is a fun way for kids to play. Designed for ages 2-5, the app allows kids to construct their own community for gnomes and watch the small town grow to a big city. It will help younger children be creative and resourceful while continuing to develop motor skills.

Velocity Keyboard

Velocity Keyboard

Ngo Minh Ngoc

A Powerful MIDI Controller

Running as an audio unit or standalone app, Velocity Keyboard feature a unique velocity sensing algorithm that track touch force.

Filmm | Video Effects + Color

Filmm | Video Effects + Color

Filmm, LLC

Video Effects and Filters

Featuring more than 100 filters and effects, Filmm is a great way to add flair to you videos. The app also offers advance adjustment tools like curves and crop detection.


Mama Time

Mama Time

Kithara LLC

Make Time for Yourself

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

SSK Osmosis Private Limited

Focusing on Your Wellness

Hipcamp: Camping & Glamping


Hipcamp, Inc

Find the Perfect Camp

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