Spotify’s new Soundtrap for Storytellers makes it even easier to start that podcast

Spotify announced today that Soundtrap, the Swedish online music collaboration startup that it bought back in 2017, is branching out into podcasting. Soundtrap for Storytellers is “a cloud-based one-stop shop for high-quality collaborative podcast creation that provides podcasters with a powerful, efficient and user-friendly recording and production process,” the company says.

Since Google Translate doesn’t currently offer marketing-speak translation, allow me to try. That means it’s a group of tools that will make it easier for podcasters to tell their stories. Basically, if you have a good microphone and an even better story, you can probably handle creating a podcast, working in collaboration with co-hosts, colleagues, mansplainers, friends, family, and frenemies around the globe.

The software lets users record multiple voices at once for interview shows or roundtable conversations. It has a feature that allows for transcribing interviews, creating interactive transcripts, and optimizing the SEO, and allows for text-to-audio editing meaning you can edit audio like a Google Doc, which is extremely helpful. It also grants access to a sound effects library to create your own catchy jingle (watch out, mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder!). It even helps publish the show (to Spotify, natch). All those handy tools on iOS and Android to make a podcast sound professional in one convenient location for a $14.99 monthly subscription.

It’s basically a way to make podcasting less of a pain and perhaps lowering the barriers of entry for anyone willing to pony up the monthly fee. In short, if you have a podcast you want to make, it’s easier than ever to share your thoughts on Halloween, space travel, ballpoint pens, Cops, or grammar. Get going.

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