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Distraught Dog Whines As Grandma Performs ‘Emergency Surgery’ On His Favorite Toy

All dogs have a favorite toy that they carry around in their mouth, sleep with and cannot live without.For Draco the pit bull it is a heart-shaped stuffed pillow with arms. His mother, Allie O’Cain‎, rescued him from a backyard breeder when he was just two weeks old. The little pup instantly took to the heart pillow, treating it like a ‘security pillow’.“Draco has had this pillow that he sucks on to fall asleep ever since he entered the world,” posted O’Cain.Photo: Facebook/Allie OCain
As the pup continued to grow, he started to destroy stuffed toys, all except his cherished heart pillow. O’Cain told The Dodo, “Draco is a crazy chewer and we have become a ‘rubber toy only’ house because anything with stuffing he will destroy in less than five minutes.”Draco is very protective over his pillow and does not allow anyone – including his best dog pal, Willow – to play with it. However, disaster struck when Willow grabbed his pillow and Draco went to get it back. As Draco pulled on the pillow it ripped and stuffing started to pour on the floor.Photo: Facebook/Allie OCainThe state of Draco’s heart was the same as his beloved heart-shaped pillow – destroyed. Thankfully, his grandmother witnessed everything and swooped in to save the day.Photo: Facebook/Allie OCain
She put the stuffing back in the pillow and brought it over to her sewing machine to repair it. Draco whined and watched with much anticipation. He even attempted to retrieve it, as he was unsure what was happening. His mother posted photos of him watching with the caption, “He acted as if his wife was in surgery”.Photos: Facebook/Allie OCainDraco was reunited with his beloved pillow and he does not let it out of his sight. Way to go, Grandma! The sweet boy will never be without his pillow.

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