I Capture Pictures Of A Rescued Mouse Enjoying His Second Chance At Life After His Mother Was Eaten By A Cat

During his first days alive, Fridolin didn’t have the start a little mouse could wish for. Before he was even able to open his eyes, he and his mother found themselves in the mouth of a cat. While his beloved Mum did not survive the attack, the little guy got dropped by the cat and landed on the floor. Fortunately, a kid witnessed what happened and rescued Fridolin. Since that day, everything changed. Some lovely humans became a new family for the little mouse and spoiled him with a hot-water bottle and special milk while giving him a new home. Fridolin grew fast and made the best of his second chance at life.

I was allowed to take photos of him two times. Once, before he was even able to open his eyes and the second time, when he had already grown a little bit.

Sometimes life gives us a new chance and Fridolin shows that it is up to us how we use it.

Be like Fridolin: Enjoy the little things in life and take some time to smell the flowers.

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Written by erbilia

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