Samantha Bee debunks GOP lies about abortion in scathing Sex Ed for Senators segment

Alabama’s governor recently signed into law the most severe abortion bill in the country, one that effectively makes terminating any pregnancy under any circumstance a felony.

This comes on the heels of the debate surrounding the so called “heartbeat bill” that has been sweeping the country and calling into question what exactly constitutes life. Supporters of the heartbeat bill are zeroing in on the fact that fetal heartbeats can be detected six to seven weeks into a pregnancy. However, most women are unaware they’re even pregnant during that time.

Alabama has gone a step further by not allowing any exceptions, including rape and incest, for an abortion. Ohio lawmakers are even proposing a bill that would limit women’s access to birth control because they view them as abortifacients.

As usual with any hot-button social issue these days, misinformation (and flat-out lies) are being weaponized against already marginalized groups. And leave it to Samantha Bee to set the record straight.

In last night’s Full Frontal episode, Bee laid out all the facts about conception and abortion in her segment “Sex Ed for Senators,” debunking all the misogynistic and draconian (il)logic along the way.

Knowledge is power, people, i.e. SENATORS.

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