The first-ever virtual reality Doctor Who episode is now available

If you’ve ever dreamed of The Doctor throwing open the doors of the time-traveling TARDIS and declaring, “There’s no time to explain, get in!” You can now live that reality—at least in a virtual way.

The BBC has released the first-ever virtual reality episode of Doctor Who, and the viewer gets to step in as The Doctor’s companion, traveling through time and space to save the universe from a potentially dangerous creature called Volta.

The immersive episode, which is called “The Runaway,” features the voice of the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who faces down her foes armed with a quick-thinking brain, her DIY sonic screwdriver, and the viewer’s help. The animated adventure was written by Victoria Asare-Archer (Turn Up Charlie) and created by Passion Animation Studios (their staff has worked on projects like Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs) in collaboration with the BBC VR Hub, which used motion-capture technology to reproduce Whittaker’s live-action performance.

While BBC VR Hub head Zillah Watson told iNews that “The Runaway” is the most ambitious project from the VR portal to date, the network has had some impressive projects, including a VR documentary series on the Nile River, Damming the Nile.

The full 13-minute, semi-interactive episode is now downloadable for free from the Oculus Store and Vive Port for use on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you don’t have a headset and happen to live in the U.K., the BBC is sharing the virtual episode with more than 40 libraries around the U.K. Both Oculus Go and Gear VR owners can head to the BBC VR app to download a 360-degree video version that has a shorter runtime of 11 minutes. Whichever way you watch, you’ll have to bring your own sonic screwdriver.

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